About Us

Idyllic Hills vineyard is situated in Murrumbateman at an elevation of 620m above sea level. The vineyard is located in the heart of the cool climate wine region of the Canberra district. Idyllic Hills is a family operated wine producing endeavour.

The Miller family moved into the area in 2007 and has been growing grapes and producing boutique table wines since then. The major varieties grown are Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier, and Merlot.

The best viticultural practices are adopted and the premium quality of the grapes ensured by limiting the yield to under two tons per acre. As the fruit ripens bird netting is applied to ward off large flocks of birds which would otherwise peck the berries and be very destructive.

At optimum ripeness the grapes are generally hand picked by family and friends. This culmination to the season with harvesting of the grapes brings together three generations of the Miller family and their friends in the idyllic surrounds of the vineyard.

The grapes are then vinified at neighbouring Jeir Creek Winery by Rob Howell with guiding inputs from David and Jacquie Miller with regards to the ultimate style of the wines, where the wine is then aged in French oak barrels until ready for bottling.

Our view of sunset over the Brindabellas

David with Shriaz 2008 Barrels

David filling his wine barrels with Shiraz at neighbouring Jeir Creek winery

Vineyard Manager

David Miller has been involved in the wine industry since 2002 gaining education, training and experience in viticulture and wine production in the Hunter Valley and Orange regions of NSW, and the Canberra district.

Some of the tasks performed by the vineyard manager during the viticultural year include pruning, eradication of weeds, carrying out a preventative spraying program for mildew, testing of grapes prior to harvesting and organising harvesting of the grapes.

Whilst approaching retirement from his profession, an extensive search was carried out by David and his wife Jacquie for a vineyard to acquire. The Murrumbateman vineyard was chosen because of its suitablility for the production of premium cool climate grapes and the truly picturesque locality of the property.